SCHMETZ Hemstitch Twin Needle (Double Hemstitch) 130/705 H ZWIHO

CHF 4.20
incl. 7,7% VAT , plus shipping costs
Recommended retail price (RRP): CHF 10.05
(Save 58.21%, i.e. CHF 5.85)
Schools and production companies can get this product maybe at a lower price!
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  1 Needle
1 Needle
1 Needle in self-service packaging
1 Needle in self-service packaging
2 Needles
2 Needles
2 Needles in self-service packaging
2 Needles in self-service packaging
NM100 / NE2.5 HNAC-90:25 2#100 B1
more than 150 B1 available from stock

CHF 9.55
CHF 5.05 from 30 B1
CHF 4.20 from 90 B1
HNAC-90:25 2#100 SB1
4 SB1 available from stock

CHF 9.70
CHF 6.65 from 20 SB1
HNBC-90:25 2#100 B2
more than 70 B2 available from stock

CHF 16.65
CHF 8.75 from 30 B2
CHF 7.35 from 90 B2
HNBC-90:25 2#100 SB2
4 SB2 available from stock

CHF 16.70
CHF 11.45 from 20 SB2