Sewing machine needle 468 FR

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NM85 (10 Needles)
NM85 (10 Needles)
IN300-40:72PA2#85 BR10

not in stock
CHF 71.40
CHF 60.10 from 10 BR10
CHF 51.10 from 50 BR10

Min. order quantity (MOQ): 1200 BR10 *
* The Version NM85 (10 Needles) is no longer produced as standard.
Because unfortunately we no longer have any stocks, a special production lot of at least the amount of the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required for replacement.
If you need these needles industrially, it can definitely be worthwhile for you to give us a production order with your order. In most cases we can realize one. If you initiate such a production batch with your order, we will immediately clarify the feasibility and the delivery time for you with the factory. On average, the delivery time for such a customer special production lot is 6-12 months.