Scissors, knives & tweezers

Here you will find the cutting tool of the highest quality and precisely tailored to your needs.

Whether scissors and accessories from FISKARS from the far north or products of the highest quality from KRETZER, WASA or ZWILLING. Convince yourself of the quality and enjoy it for a lifetime!

Incidentally, we expressly refrain from offering cheap scissors from the Far East here, as is unfortunately the case with many hardware stores and major distributors today. Forget "greed is cool" in this section! With the cheap copies you are guaranteed not to be happy if you find out after a short use that the thing has to be disposed of and no longer gets a clean cut.

Scheren von FISKARS aus Finnland, KRETZER aus Solingen,...

Es gibt viele Gründe sich eine Schneidunterlage zuzulegen...

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