Sewing machine needles

SCHMETZ is a pioneer when it comes to sewing machine needles and has contributed a lot to standardization in this area. The products of this German manufacturer are top products and are used worldwide by the sewing industry as well as by commercial and private seamstresses because of their unrivaled quality. In addition to products from SCHMETZ, we also have stocks from well-known manufacturers such as GROTZ BECKERT, LEO LAMMERTZ, SINGER, METWAR and others.

We operate one of the largest delivery warehouses for sewing machine needles in the world. The entire SCHMETZ range is shown in the shop. For historical reasons and due to various customer inquiries, we sometimes also have products from other manufacturers (as mentioned above). The needles in the shop are (with exceptions) NOT listed according to recognizable manufacturer, but according to their system/CANU. The pictures of the packaging are only examples.
If you prefer a certain brand, please let us know when you place your order! Otherwise we will deliver what is currently available in stock.

How do I find the needle for my sewing machine?
In industry, extensive test series are usually carried out with different needles and yarns before production begins. Stitch and seam quality are taken into account, as is the service life of the sewing needles used. Industrial sewing machines use a wide variety of needle systems! In the case of applications for household sewing machines, it is somewhat simpler, since the systems 130/705 H (flat piston) and 287 WH / 1738 (round piston) are used there almost exclusively. Visit the Home Sewing Machine Needles category to learn more!
If you need advice on this topic, please just ask us - we have many years of experience in this field!

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